Conditions of Entry

Queensland Poetry Festival Events – Conditions of Entry

Queensland Poetry Festival Inc wants to ensure the enjoyment and safety of everyone attending the festival. QPF is a safe space that embraces inclusivity and diversity. We have a policy of zero tolerance for hate speech or aggression.

By attending any the events we present, you agree to be bound by the following conditions of entry. If you fail to do so, you may be removed from the event and banned from attending future events.

You must behave in an appropriate and respectful manner. You may be liable for prosecution, fined or ejected from a QPF event or festival if you behave in a manner which:

  • is offensive, intimidating, threatening, discriminatory, unlawful or anti-social;
  • threatens the safety of others;
  • damages the property of others; or
  • interferes with or distracts any artist performing at the festival, or another’s enjoyment of that performance.

Queensland Poetry Festival Inc. reserves the right to determine whether your behaviour is appropriate and to eject or refuse entry to any persons. If ejected, you must not re-enter or attempt to re-enter the event or festival for a period of 24 hours.

Queensland Poetry Festival Inc. also reserves the right to:

  • (a) refuse entry to patrons who have been previously ejected from any of its events or festivals; and
  • (b) issue patrons who breach these conditions with an immediate fixed-term or indefinite banning notice excluding them from attending future events and festivals.


It is the sole discretion of Queensland Poetry Festival Inc. to allow banned patrons to attend future events. Queensland Poetry Festival Inc. has the right to pursue legal action if patrons fail to comply with the conditions of their banning notice.

You must follow the directions of Queensland Poetry Festival Inc.’s agents and staff and the directions of the venue’s agents and staff.

If you become aware of anything that affects your safety or the safety of others attending the event, report it immediately to the venue’s agents or staff. Entry to any QPF event is at your own risk.

You acknowledge that Queensland Poetry Festival Inc. may use your image or likeness as part of a recording of the event.