Brisbane Poetry Map

Brisbane Poetry Map (BPM) was borne of a long-standing desire of Queensland Poetry Festival (QPF) to poetically map this city for all to hear it with new ears. Funding was then successfully sought from Copyright Agency and Brisbane City Council, who QPF warmly thank for enabling the creation of Brisbane’s first digital poetry map.

‘Writing has nothing to do with signifying. It has to do with surveying, mapping,
even realms that are yet to come.’

Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus 4-5

Launched at Brisbane Writers Festival in 2015 (photo below), BPM currently showcases four specially curated poetic trails, each containing site-specific recordings of some of Brisbane’s finest established and emerging voices. Head here to view the map or take a trail into the (un)known:

In 2016, QPF launched the fifth Brisbane Poetry Map trail, the Kurilpa Walk, curated by poet and writer Ellen van Neervan (black&write!) featuring six aboriginal poets and writers creating site-specific responses to indigenous sites of significance in the Kurilpa/West End area. Launched as a live walk in May (photo below) the full online walk will be launched as part of this year’s QPF2016 Lost Language, Found festival including new recordings.

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