Philip Bacon Ekphrasis Award

Philip Bacon Ekphrasis Award

QPF is proud to announce the return of the Philip Bacon Ekphrasis Award in 2019. This award is named after one of Australia’s premier art dealers, Philip Bacon, who has agreed to be the patron of Queensland’s only ekphrastic prize.

The word ‘ekphrasis’ comes from the Greek ek ‘out’ and phrasis ‘speak’, as well as the verb ekphrazein, which means to call an inanimate object by name. Artistically, ekphrasis is a rhetorical device in which a visual object, usually a work of art, is vividly described by another artistic medium – in this case, a poem under 12 lines in length. For example a poem may describe what is shown in a painting and, in doing so, enhance it, especially if it captures or extends the sentiments of the artist. Poems may also focus on the poet’s mood in response to a work of art, metaphorical associations or extensions of meaning inspired by a work of art, or personal memories about a work of art.

1st Prize: $500

2nd Prize: $250

The top five entries will be published in Verity La.


Deadline for receipt of applications: by 5pm Friday 5th July 2019.

2019 Judges: Michele Seminara, Carol McGregor

Previous winners: Philip Neilsen, Dael Allison, Gail Hennessy, Rosanna Licari.

The winner will be announced at the Queensland Poetry Awards night at the Queensland Poetry Festival, 22nd August 2019 at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

2019 Painting selection: Philip Bacon has selected five paintings from his own collection



We thank Mr Philip Bacon for his ongoing support and collaboration in this prize.